Produces 70 thousand kilos of fruit pulp and derived products per year. Has a privileged logistics chain and has achieved worldwide recognized certifications, offering quality, safety and seriousness in its processes, products and industries. The company counts on a great technical team and modern installations, which support the rapid growth of their activities and bring a constant search for excellence of their products and services. The Petruz action related to environment is comprised in its general corporate strategy.

Everything began in 1982 when the Silva Santos family, moved from the Paraiba state in the northeastern part of Brazil to the southern state Pará, in search of new opportunities and for a better life through the trading of the açaí berry from the Amazon jungle. In the beginning the family was buying the products from Maranhão state in the north of Brazil, and was selling it in the Ver-o-Peso market in Belém. Gradually the family expanded their business selling also to other states, and where also acquiring a deeper knowledge regarding the quality and the logistic in supplying açaí. Later the Silva Santos’ started to use small hand driven machines for processing the açaí pulp till the instalment of the first industrial park. This invaluable experience was transmitted from generation to generation, and this is what makes the Petruz so unique and different, associated with an incomparable ratio quality/price. Nowadays the company has more than 30 years of knowledge in this excellent Amazon fruit and is managed by the second and the third generation of the family. Petruz have 4 (four) factories and a daily production capacity of 189 tons, that is 16,600 tons per year. Petruz products are present in more than 20 countries all over the world: USA, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, FRANCE, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, UK, FRANCE, NORWAY (Brazil, SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM, GERMANY, ISRAEL, ANGOLA, DENMARK (Brazil, SWEDEN, SLOVAKIA, PORTUGAL, NEW ZELAND, AUSTRALIA, ESTONIA, CHILE and it keeps expanding.

Petruz Açaí


PETRUZ has a privileged logistics chain and has achieved worldwide recognized certifications, offering quality, safety and seriousness in its processes, products and industries.



Biological Agriculture EU

Certification for organic food selling in the EU market. It grants that the food production has not used synthetic chemical products, as well as genetically-modified organism, and that generally adheres to sustainable agriculture principles.


ISO 22000

Certificate of food safety for final consumption. It shows the ability in controlling risks and dangers and in looking constantly for safe final products that satisfy the customer´s requirements.



The certification of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements guarantees the quality and confirms the organic products origin, having the producer, the processor and the exporter fulfilled all the requirements stated in international directives.



The Japan Agriculture Standard grants that the certified products satisfy all the requirements to have access to japan organic market.


IBD Organic

The stamp is granted by Instituto Biodinâmico, greater Latin America certifier and only Brazilian certifier of organic products with accreditation IFOAM.



The certificate assess that the processed products obey to specific principles that rule the orthodox Jew diet.


USDA Organic

The United States Department of Agriculture concedes the certification which grants to the products the access to American organic food market.



Kosher certificate that assess absence of milk and meat derivate ingredients in the product composition.



The certificate states that the product and the producer follow procedures which rule the Islamic jurisprudence.



The certification is granted by ECOCERT Brasil, one of the biggest certifier companies regarding organic product, and allows the organic product selling in the South-Korean market.


Non-GMO Project

Certification ensuring that the product is not genetically modified.



Certifies standards with regard to food safety, quality and defense.


IBD Orgânico

Certification credited by the Ministry of Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) to certify products under the Brazilian Organic legislation, in the scopes of primary animal and vegetable production, processing of animal and vegetable origin, extractivism and beekeeping.


Gluten Free


Wild Grown


Ministeriet for Miljø - og Fødevarer

Se Fødevarestyrelsens smiley-rapporter

Social and environmental responsibility

The Petruz action related to environment is comprised in its general corporate strategy.


It incentivizes the garbage collection. After the selling to recycle cooperatives, the proceeds come back in forms of benefits to collaborators.


It uses the ¨end of pipe¨ technology for control and treatment of waste, which allows it to return to the environment without risks.


  1. Renewal of product portfolio
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Greater collaborators committal
  4. Consciousness in preservation of natural resources not renewable

Environmental Policy

Petruz's factories

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