Caju (Frozen Pulp)

Cashew (Frozen Pulp):

100% Organic cashew pulp, gluten and lactose free.

For nutritious and delicious preparations and vitaminic drinks. Packaged, frozen and pasteurized product. Caju is a fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C, iron and fiber. It protects the immune system and increases the sense of satiety.

A special mix of healthiness and sweetness. You can’t miss it!


Integral cashew pulp.

Natural product free of preservatives or chemical dyes. Gluten-free.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Benefits for your health:

Vitamin C Antioxidant. Protect the body against the action of free radicals, delaying aging.
Dietary Fiber Delays gastric emptying, contributes to an improvement in glycemic control (important, especially for diabetic individuals) and also to an increase in satiety, especially important for individuals in the process of weight loss.
Potassium Helps the good functioning of the heart. Balances the water level in the body. It also regulates the blood pressure.
Iron Collaborates in the hemoglobin formation and the body temperature regulation. It benefits the muscular function and brain function and transports the oxygen.

What is cashew?


Scientific name: Anacardium orcidentale
Origin: Brazil (north and north-east)

The cashew is the fruit of the cashew, a species of fruit found in Brazil. The cashew is formed by a chestnut and its own fruit composed of a fleshy peduncle of yellow, rosy or red color.

It has a high concentration of vitamin C and iron that help protect the immune system and they strengthen the muscles.

The small fruit of dark coloration and hard consistency is supported by a fleshy and juicy stem well developed, of yellow, orange or red coloration. From the stem is obtained raw material for the manufacture of juices, sweets, etc...

The true fruit is the well-known cashew nut that can reach up to 2 cm in length.

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