Açaí Medium Berry Organic

Cajá (Frozen Pulp)

Cajá (Frozen Pulp)

100% Organic cajá pulp, gluten and lactose free.

For nutritious and delicious preparations and vitaminic drinks.
Packaged, frozen and pasteurized product. Cajá fruit is a rich source of calcium.
It has a thirst-quenching flavor and increases the feeling of satiety and fullness, which may help curb overeating.

Let yourself be surprised by the authentic healthy Amazonian food!


Integral hog plum pulp.

Natural product free of preservatives or chemical dyes. Gluten-free.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Benefits for your health:

Dietary Fiber Delays gastric emptying, contributes to an improvement in glycemic control (important, especially for diabetic individuals) and also to an increase in satiety, especially important for individuals in the process of weight loss.
Potassium Helps the good functioning of the heart. Balances the water level in the body. It also regulates the blood pressure
Calcium Assists in blood clotting, developing the health of bones and teeth and regulating nerve impulses.

What is cajá?


Scientific name: Spondias mombin L.
Origin: South and central America

Cajá is a fruit originating in the tropical region of the American continent. It is a plant well adapted to the climatic conditions of northeastern Brazil, where the production occurs wildly, with manual harvesting of the ripe fruits fallen on the ground.
The harvest period varies among producing states, but generally occurs in the first half of the year.
In Brazil the cajá is also called cajá-mirim or taperebá.

The fruit of the cajazeiro is of the drupe type, ovoid, of up to 6 centimeters in length.
It has bright yellow coloration on the thin and smooth bark.

It's sweet juicy flesh, with just a slight note of acidity, is used to produce juices, nectars, ice cream, jelly, wine and liquor.

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