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Welcome to Brazil Natural

We are an import authorized company established in Denmark with aim on the commercialization and distribution of sustainable and organic products from Brazil in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Nowadays we offer a great variety of frozen fruit pulps in different types of packages! We have packaging in different sizes: 100gr, 400gr (4x100gr), 1kg (10x100gr) or 1kg in single package, 1,02kg (bar) 10kg (aseptic), 18kg (buckets) 180kg and 200kg (metal barrels with plastic lining).

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Variety of products

We work with a wide variety of products derived from exotic tropical fruits from Brazil that all are natural products and some are also organic. Our fruit pulps are 100% pure fruit without chemical additives and are used in the manufacturing of many different foods such as; smoothies, juices and all kinds of drinks and cocktails, sweets, cakes, desserts, yogurt, sorbet, ice-cream, bowls, baby food and everything your imagination and abilities can create! In our product line find a lot of different options, but you can also create your own recipes, as the product is the perfect raw material to live out your most exotic gastronomic desires. All these possibilities are just a click away from you!

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Best quality producers

The best and largest fruit's pulps and juice producer in Brazil import their products to Scandinavia through our local based company Brazil Natural. Our producer is among the largest in South America in the production of fruit pulp. The products are shipped in big frost containers, so they arrive frozen and ready to store in your freezer. Our producer Petruz: produces 70 thousand kilos of fruit pulp and derived products per year. All products arrive in Scandinavia according to international standards, with a high level of safety on the product before, during and after packed and shipped to the destination country.

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CSR - Responsibility

Brazil and the local suppliers are very concerned about socio-environmental cautions and works toward contributing to a better care of the environment by participating in activities that encourage the selective collection of waste and control of and treatment of the waste that returns to the environment. Also by participating and giving donations to environmental protection workshops and contributing to the economic, social and human development of the region where the production is installed. We believe in the humanitarian cycle that 'there is no greater investment than in the earth and earth will take care of the human beings ’!!

  • Quality

    The best quality in frozen and organics fruit pulps from Brazil

  • Price

    The best prices make us the leaders in the market

  • Packaging

    First class packaging that allows a long preservation of the product

Brazil Natural

Only the best for your health

Our products are mainly tropical and they all come from Brazil – one of the best countries in the world to produce food because of the very high pH meter in the soil that makes it very fertile and the subtropical climate that help to increase the wonderful flavors of the food. Our products are full of vitamins and nutrients that will contribute to the health and well-being of our customers.
As food distributors we prioritize the commercialization of sustainable and organic products. We believe in and bet on the environmental care and people's health.


Our mission is to offer organic, sustainable and natural products with the highest quality and the lowest prices to meet the needs of the North European market.


We want to be a global reference of commercial representation and import/export of natural and organic tropical products from Brazil. We want to ensure that the products that are exported from Brazil through our company are all sustainable and organic and have all relevant certifications. The company policy is to do trading only with producers that have focus on taking care of our planet and thereby support and enhance the sustainable and organic production of food in Brazil. Our vision is that more farmers and food producers become sustainable and organic to ensure well care of the nature and people can eat healthy and nutritional food.


Cost benefit

High quality certified products at low prices leading to fair trade and reach the international market in large volume.


Act ethically, honestly, fairly, and transparently to deliver on our promises to suppliers and costumers.


We are always innovating and looking for new products and suppliers to be able to meet our costumers needs.


Open to negotiation to enable business opportunities, within the moral principles and values of the company.


Contribute to the development of the citizen and the social and economic structure of the countries that we operate.


We respect the environment, the consumer, the employees, the supplier, society and we collaborate with the reduction of emissions harmful to the environment.

Team 1

Ricardo Ribeiro de Miranda

Founder & CEO
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Team 3

José Francisco Sesé

CMO & Partner
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